Needs and Options Review

The Needs and Options Review will allow you to fully understand the requirements, constraints, and potential roadblocks for your project. It will help sort them and categorize the issues
· Emergency issues (those that require immediate attention) issue that could
negate the project viability out of the gate.
· Priority issues (those that need rapid assessment and addressing without
delay) issue that can delay start of project or processes that need to be set
in motion.
· Non-urgent (those that can fit into the traditional design process).

We will address issues like:

1. How much will my project cost?

2. How long will my project take?

3. Who do I need advice from to review / get started / overcome a problem?

4. What is the step by step process I need to take?

5. What are the legal constraints / rules?

6. How can I maximize my Return on Investment (ROI)?

· This process will help us determine if the working relationship is a fit for
both parties before fully committing to further design services.



We will be your guide for helping you find the resources you need.  You will benefit from our extensive experience and vast catalogue of design material and all of the relationships we have with local vendor suppliers and contractors / tradesmen.


We work with your program of requirements to sketch out some initial rough drawings.  Conceptual images without much detail, but showing the relationship of each space to the other spaces.  Broad strokes with a very large brush. 



We'll begin to think about materials and colors as well as more specific details about the building systems.  Answering questions like: "what kind of structural system, ventilation, plumbing and electrical is best?"  The drawings may be used for development permits, presenting to committees, marketing, or fundraising and other purposes.


Now we develop the detail that will allow us to build the project.  We coordinate the work of the structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers and other design professionals to minimize the discrepancies between the various systems.  We create the written specifications (specs) that dictate the performance and quality of each component of the building.   



We help you review the results of the bidding process, and steer you to the "best fit" contractor(s) for your project.  During this phase we answer any questions from bidders and clarify the drawings to ensure "apples to apples" comparisons. 



Once construction begins we work to ensure that the actual building meets the intent of the design drawings.  We meet on site frequently at regular intervals to address any unexpected problems as they come up.  We'll deal with any proposed changes and prepare "change orders", which are the formal method of changing the construction contract with an extra cost or credit to the project.


 There is much confusion about the cost and value of an architect. When do I “need an Architect”? Please visit this website for a thorough compilation of industry standards: architecturalfees.com