the 1st step towards your new building:


How much does your new home mean to you? What is it worth to you to have the space for your business that is the talk of the town? How much is it worth to you to have someone truly listen and work tirelessly to create the space that meets your needs? We are here to help you navigate the unfamiliar waters of the building industry. You may feel stress and anxiety because your need for clarity and honesty are not being met in your quest for a new building or renovation. We are your expert guides helping you gain that clarity. We help you at each step of the journey to create the space of your dreams. Let us help you see your vision become reality. The core tenants of our philosophy:

Intelligence: We will only use the most capable contractors and vendors for your Project.

Integrity: The team we assemble for your Project will be from our vetted group of subcontractors and vendors (many have been part of the team for 10+ years).

Transparency: We will provide an environment of clear communication and a place where you can feel safe sharing your hopes and dreams for your space. We will strive for the highest value options available to us, regarding materials and workmanship, in the market and bring those to your Project.

Grit: We have unwavering faith in your success. Our team will put forth relentless effort in seeing your Project through to completion.



free 15 min ask the expert phone call




...has more vision, imagination and problem solving ability than all five previous architects (combined) with whom we have done projects. Strout Construction’s design-build approach simplifies multiple meetings and miscommunications between a separate contractor and architect. The end result of our renovation is stunning.
Thank you for doing what another could not do...make our house our home. You listened, you delivered, you communicated, you finished. Hard to find someone like you and your team.
If you are looking at this page and trying to figure out if you should hire these guys, PM me.
— Sue feldman
...absolutely brilliant in his thought process and creative thinking. He truly has a gift for innovation and thinking outside the box. If I need a architect, designer, or an Einstein then I’m calling Ben.
— Rich Pennino
... strong, talented, figure-it-out designer and craftsman. After working with him, whenever I examine a project being executed, I always think about how Ben would have done it better. Anyone can trust Ben’s work and his word. Beyond that, he is a caring, warm man of character.
— Preston Hite AIA
....character, integrity, creativity, and ingenuity are the pillars of his business and work.
He thoughtfully approached the renovation of our coworking space, The Hub, in a way that both beautified our space and maximized the functional square footage of our building. Where we saw one conference room, Ben gave us two. When we were hoping for one additional office, Ben gave us three. Each of these solutions created added value in our business without compromising on the work area of our coworkers and office renters. His work exceeded our expectations and helped elevate our space and business to the next level.
Additionally, working with Ben is truly a pleasure. He is a kind, conscientious, man of his word who will do his utmost to guide your vision and help you arrive at a unique and well-crafted design solution.
— Ashley Santa Cruz Foster Director at The Hub


After your “ask the expert” phone call:

Needs and Options Review

The Needs and Options Review will allow you to fully understand the requirements, constraints, and potential roadblocks for your project. We will work with you to develop a conceptual sketch for your project. From that sketch we will develop a budget and a detailed schedule. This process is billed hourly and the Needs and Options report is YOURS TO KEEP even if you don’t go to contract with us.

You deserve better

Want to maximize every square inch of your existing space? Want your home to be the envy or your neighbors? Looking for that business layout and design that will attract the best employees and best clientele?  You have heard the horror stories of so many building projects that start out roses (a promise of meeting a schedule and budget) that end in disaster. You deserve better, and that better starts with a plan! During your free 15 min call, we can assess where you are in your quest to build. From there, you can decide if we are the best fit for your need. If we aren’t, we will pull from our extensive industry knowledge and point you in the right direction to help YOU win YOUR battle. Call now and let us be your guide to better…YOU DESERVE IT!



About Us

As a builder and an architect for the past two decades, we have made every mistake imaginable. This “refiner’s fire” has given us a unique perspective to act as your personal guide, and the confidence to deliver YOUR project ON TIME and ON BUDGET. We have learned to always “stand on the shoulders of giants” whenever possible. We only hire the best of the best as team members and sub contractors. This ensures that YOUR project will be done at the highest level possible. We believe that this is the fastest way to a happy life. Hire our team and YOU will be standing on the shoulders of giants standing on the shoulders of giants standing on the shoulders of… well, you get the point. Sign up today for your free 15 min ask the expert call.